Care Bears and Bingo Balls

Loved doing this tribute tattoo featuring Care Bears and bingo balls! There’s nothing like the *POP* of bold, bright, graphic color.

Princess Leia Tribute

The Force is strong in this one! Loved the opportunity to pay homage to Princess Leia / General Leia Organa!

Prince Day June 7, 2016

Rockin’ June 7 – Prince Day in Minnesota, “…in honor of the Purple One’s enduring legacy.”
 Read more in Rolling Stone.
 Tribute tattoo in honor of Prince. All rights to Paisley Park.

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Veteran’s Day

Honoring all who have served.

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Justin’s Gift

I was honored to tattoo my friend Tammy today, a memorial tattoo to honor her son Justin. I’m a hardcore advocate for Kindness and acceptance, and I met Tammy through our involvement in addressing homophobia, transphobia and bullying, particularly with youth.
 Thanks for making this world a kinder place, Tammy.
 Check out the support organization Tammy founded to help create safe space for our youth.

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Celtic Mohican Hawk

Yesterday we completed this awesome custom Hawk tattoo, incorporating Celtic aspects from the Book of Kells and contemporary Mohican art.

A beautiful memorial tattoo. Read more here on my Facebook page at

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Duuuude, the Sea Turtle

So much fun! Teri’s newest ink, a memorial for her spouse (and my friend and client) Danny. Look closely to find (more than one) Celtic and musical references. This is one happy, chill sea turtle. Gotta love a custom tattoo!

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