Studio Update: COVID-19 Protocols


We are closely monitoring MN’s COVID numbers as well as availability of PPE. Winter is a challenging time for existing alongside COVID. We’re striving to find a balance of prioritizing health and safety and providing a personal experience that’s fun, life affirming and something to look forward to. In the interest of crafting this balance, we will make weekly determinations on studio hours.

Please keep in mind that ALL studio hours, appointments, booking timelines and protocols are subject to change. If you have an appointment, be sure to check your email for updates prior to traveling to the studio.

This post is continuously updated so check back for current info. Thanks to everyone for your patience – We’re thankful for your positivity, concern and unyielding support!


*VACCINE UPDATE*  The GREAT news is that vaccines are rolling out and will continue to become more accessible. Many of our clients are already vaccinated (YAY healthcare workers, teachers and other essential workers who were eligible early!).

We want to support the efficacy of the vaccine, and as we all know, the vaccine ramps up the immune system to build those antibodies. (Hello feeling symptomatic for a few days!) In the interest of supporting the immune system, please allow TWO WEEKS between your most recent COVID vaccine and your tattoo. This includes the 1st, 2nd and any booster shots. Please proactively plan accordingly. If  you have an appointment scheduled, we will happily reschedule – and if you’re booking a new appointment plan around those vaccines.

Per CDC Recommendations, all studio COVID protocols remain in place regardless of vaccine status, including wearing masks, physical distancing and good hygiene – read on for all the nitty gritty details.


Please read CAREFULLY:

Prior to COVID-19, we already had strict protocols in place to protect public health. This studio is clean, Carol Ann! We’re expanded the studio (doubled the size!) and have added new protocols specific to COVID-19. When you come in to the studio for your appointment, you can expect that:

  • We clean and disinfect throughout the studio, including public and common spaces, before and after each client.
  • Our artists are trained in Prevention of Disease Transmission in Tattooing through the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, which we re-certify annually (most recently 11/24/20).
  • We use single service disposable set ups for each and every client. That means items used during your tattoo appointment – from needles to pigment to ink caps – are all discarded at the end of each appointment. Single service disposable is the way to go.
  • NEW: With winter setting in we’ve removed air conditioners and doubled our previous HEPA filtration – filtering studio air 10x hourly.
  • NEW: Studio air quality is monitored by C02 sensors, maintaining Co2 levels below those recommended by the CDC for COVID-19 indoor air quality.
  • NEW: Humidifiers are located in each work station to maintain humidity levels recommended by the CDC for COVID-19 indoor air quality.
  • NEW: Please remember that as Artists working in very close proximity to multiple people a week over a prolonged period of time each day, we are at the greatest health risk since we’re trusting our clients to proactively protect us. If you are unable to socially distance and wear a mask for the 14 days leading up to your appointment,  we completely understand – and – please contact Awen or Matt to reschedule. 
  • NEW: We’re supporting physical distancing by limiting foot traffic in the studio to only clients with a scheduled appointment at that time. Please refrain from bringing anyone with you. They will not be able to enter the studio. We welcome you to use our free WIFI to virtually invite your bestie, partner or family members via FaceTime, Zoom, Hologram or whatever. If you require assistance of a care provider, contact your artist to discuss arrangements.
  • NEW: Please refrain from bringing large bags and personal items, including snacks and to-go cups. It is harder to hear one another through masks and PPE over the sound of the tattoo buzz, which makes conversation tricky. Consider bringing earbuds or AirPods with to take you to your happy place while getting inked. While we understand these changes may seem inconvenient, they ensure the tattoo workspace is as clean as possible.
  • NEW: You’re welcome to have your phone in the chair with you if you clean and disinfect it with the provided wipes upon your arrival and wash hands after disinfecting the phone. While we understand these changes may seem inconvenient, they ensure the tattoo workspace is as clean as possible.
  • NEW: We are supporting physical distancing by staggering appointments so that clients avoid passing one another. We’re booking only one appointment per artist per day for the foreseeable future.
  • NEW: We’re capping appointment lengths at a max of 3 hours each, no exceptions. Shorter appointments reduce stress on the immune system during healing AND reduce the viral load our artists are exposed to. Both of these mitigations support the immune system’s resilience in fighting exposure to illness. If you have or had an appointment scheduled for longer than three hours, we will shorten it and schedule additional time as needed.
  • NEW: We are not currently booking appointments for chest, neck, ribs or stomach tattoos. These areas require being too close in proximity to direct respiration.
  • NEW: Masks are required for all clients and artists for the duration of your time in the studio -regardless of vaccination status. See, how it works is… my mask protects you from my funk. And your mask protects me from your funk. Respect for one another – it’s easy, it supports health and it keeps our business open. We will provide each client with a new surgical mask to wear for the duration of your time in the studio. If you’re double masking (like I am) you are of course welcome to two new, surgical masks. The surgical masks we provide you, at no cost, help ensure the tattoo workspace is as clean as possible. Per Minneapolis Emergency Regulation 2020-12, AND MN Governor Executive Order 20-96, which require masks be worn in all indoor public spaces, we ask that you wear your own personal mask entering and exiting the building. If you choose not to wear the fresh surgical mask we provide, we will reschedule your appointment.
  • NEW: Clients will wash hands with soap and hot water for a minimum of 20 seconds upon arriving at the studio.
  • NEW: Hand sanitizer is available to clients throughout the duration of your appointment.
  • NEW: Clients are expected to wear clean clothes to the studio. If you are coming from anywhere other than your home, change into clean clothes before arriving.
  • NEW: Artists will be wearing scrubs or aprons, masks and eye protection or face shields as well as gloves.
  • NEW: Clients will be emailed a health screening questionnaire before booking a new appointment, and again 24-48 hours before their appointment. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone an appointment, including an appointment in progress, if we are in doubt about the client’s wellness or if we are in doubt about our safety. Appointments which have not been confirmed with a completed health screening by 6pm the night before the appointment will be subject to cancellation and the deposit forfeited.
  • NEW: Artists will also be health screened daily upon our arrival at the studio. We will postpone appointments if we have reservations about our own health or if we feel unwell.
  • As we all have experienced, things like illness, injury and family emergencies tend to come up at the last minute, so be sure to check your email before coming in for your appointment just in case there are last minute changes to the appointment. In the event rescheduling is necessary, we’ll contact you as early and as soon as possible. Obviously sometimes things come up unpredictably, so be sure to check your email before coming in.
  •  If you are ill, do not come to the studio. In the days prior to – and the morning of – your appointment, self-assess how you’re feeling. If you are feeling unwell in any way – including, but not limited to: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, muscle aches or a head ache – contact your artist to reschedule. These protocols are effective in protecting everyone’s health – but only when everyone participates.
  • NEW: For the time being, we are waiving the 72 hours required cancellation notice and forwarding all deposits to the rescheduled appointment. We know you’re looking forward to your tattoo – so are we! And, Matt and Awen want to protect our health, the health of our families and the health of all of our clients. Exception: If we don’t receive a completed health screening from you by 6pm the night before your appointment, the appointment will be canceled and the deposit forfeited.
  • NOTE: A fresh tattoo requires energy from your immune system to heal, and your immune system requires resilience to fight exposure to illness, so it’s necessary  to be healthy when getting tattooed. And, it is imperative that you’re truthful and responsible about your health for our safety and for the studio to remain open. Plan to allow 2 weeks following your most recent COVID vaccine before getting tattooed. Contact your Artist to reschedule as needed.
  • Our artists are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health, the studio is licensed by the Minneapolis Health Department and we’re card carrying members of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists.

We work closely with Health Officials and fellow tattoo artists to implement protocols based on the most current scientific information. Two things we’ve learned during this pandemic is that our well-being is interdependent and the only constant in life is change. Expect protocols and studio hours to change as more is learned about the virus, and expect restrictions to come and go dependent upon how responsibly the public behaves during this pandemic. Real talk – COVID Fatigue is a thing. We feel you. We’re deep into Minnesota winter, with subzero temps outdoor activities and social distancing becoming more challenging, it’s even more important that we keep options open for fun and for self care during the long Minnesota winter months. The pathway to keeping options open is to double down on diligence around COVID protocols in order to support health, which will support businesses staying open, which will provide more options for fun. See how that works? Cool, right?

We’re big fans of science here. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these protocols, feel free to respectfully inquire for clarification and/or to postpone/reschedule your appointment. Questions? Just ask.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and PATIENCE! Many of you have sent emails of support and encouragement as well as making purchases of our merch and gift cards during the Stay at Home and during the Uprisings. We cannot thank you enough. You are literally THE BEST. (And hey hey hey we’ve restocked our AWP logo rainbow split-fountain print shirts – check it!)

We take tremendous care to maintain the studio as a clean, healthy and welcoming space. Thanks in advance for doing everything you can to help keep the studio clean, the people in it healthy, and for being patient throughout everything!

Be well!

Awen and Matt