HNY! Check out Awen’s Booking Updates for 2023!


One of my meditation teachers frequently says, “So. That happened.” I laughed the first time he said it – as he looked at me completely deadpan. *OH.* LOL.  Welp – now it’s one of my go-to affirmations because it supports my drive to continually move forward, let go, and embrace change. A lot has happened in the last few years, including for Matt and I, spending over a year catching up on rescheduled appointments from the COVID shut down and closures around Minneapolis’ Uprising.

Looking into 2023, I’m reframing the way I book appointments in order to bring life and Creative Energy back into balance.

I wish each of you a safe and gentle entry to 2023, and I thank you for your ongoing support of our art, for keeping the Minneapolis studio strong over all these years and most recently for your incredible support of the new studio in Ely, MN.

I appreciate you.

Be well,

~ Awen

Awen’s 2023 Booking: 

I invest a tremendous amount of time and energy in each tattoo project, and create primarily multi-session pieces. This means the number of new projects I’m able to commit to at one time is limited. Inquiries are welcome at any time! Pieces are selected based on concepts that peak my creative interest, the positive energy of the client and an openness to the creative process. Since the time involved in each piece varies, bookings are not prioritized on a first come first serve basis. The Creative Process is central to tattooing as the ancient rite of passage it has been for over 5000 years. A predetermined mindset limits Creative energy. If you’re looking for an artist to replicate an existing design or to work by direction, we’re likely not a good match for one another.  I work with a combination of prepared concept art and freehand art, and will turn your ideas into my own artistic interpretation.
Due to the number of inquiries received, I’m unable to respond to all requests. If you don’t hear back from me it may be that while your piece indeed peaks my creative interest, devoting the time needed for each piece limits the number of new pieces I’m able to commit to each year. Submitting an inquiry does not hold a place on a wait list; if you don’t hear back from me please continue your search for the right artist. Inquiries are kept on file and I  reach out to book new pieces  as I complete current pieces in progress. The timeframe for an appointment at our Minneapolis studio is typically 12 – 18 months while the timeframe at my Ely studio may be less. I welcome inquiries for nipple and areola reconstruction following gender confirmation surgery and mastectomies.
In order to hold time on my schedule, I require a deposit of $100. While non refundable, the deposit will be credited to the cost of your completed piece. If you need to cancel or reschedule I require  a minimum of  72 hours  notice prior to your appointment.
I  see clients part time at our Minneapolis studio in Uptown and spend much of my time working from my private home studio in Ely, MN – an easy four hour drive north of the Twin Cities in Superior National Forest.
Please complete the appointment inquiry form in detail to help me get an idea of whether the project is a good fit for both Client and Artist. Thank you for your interest in my work!
~ Awen