About Awen

Tattoos date back to before 5000BC and traditionally have served as rites of passage throughout multi cultural history. Tattoos were – and are – a rite of passage. A tattoo was earned by living with courage and authenticity. I’m honored to acknowledge and carry on that history in a modern society that often falls short of honoring personal evolution. Evolution and authenticity are things Art With a Point has always championed. We strive to help each client feel comfortable, respected and welcome. On the daily this means setting self expression free, letting your inner unicorn out, bringing your best self to the creative process and just plain old having fun. After all, this is what being a wearer of tattoos is all about!

I reside in Minnesota’s Northwoods with my family and dogs and focus my time on art, trail running, adventuring and volunteering. My partner and I enjoy recharging by unplugging (see what I did there!), exploring and appreciating remote areas. Prior to embracing the call to the Northwoods, I savored my time living in the heart of South Minneapolis spanning the time from when Prince was a regular in old school Uptown – when it was rich with family owned businesses and funk – through the challenging times of gentrification and big box stores, the pandemic and the Minneapolis Uprising. We stand strong with Lake Street and are honored to be a part of the community.

I began tattooing in the Twin Cities in 1993, creating custom designed tattoos in a variety of styles. In 2001 I opened Art With a Point Custom Tattoo which includes two locations. I spend the majority of my time working in my private studio just outside of Ely, Minnesota in beautiful Superior National Forest. The OG studio is in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood where I work with my friend and full time Artist Matt Reiners; I travel in for a limited number of appointments at the Minneapolis studio.

Stylistically, I enjoy clean line work including: sacred geometry, Celtic knot work, Viking art and Mandala imagery as well as organic nature related imagery, floral and wildlife and pet portraiture. I’m a Pop Culture Nerd, I specialize in coverup work and enjoy transformations that support clients in loving their art and their bodies all over again. And I’m honored with each opportunity to be a part of the healing journey for Trans clients and breast cancer survivors by offering reconstructive tattooing.

I select pieces based on interesting ideas that spark my creative interest. I sincerely appreciate every inquiry, and because the very nature of custom tattooing is creating each piece by hand and investing time in each experience, I have a limited number of appointments available. Thank you for your interest!

Coverups by Awen