About Matt

I’ve been tattooing since 2017 here at Art With A Point. I completed my Apprenticeship under Awen and am professionally licensed and very grateful to be working with such a talented artist.

I have a bachelors degree in graphic design from the Art Institutes International Minnesota. I have also been involved with street art and various art shows since 2010.

Concepts that peak my creative interest include: floral, black work, Fan Art, skulls, Animae, food tattoos, “cute” tattoos, cartoons and American and Japanese traditional tattoo styles, . I enjoy working in solid black, black and gray and bright colors.

While I have fun with most anything, styles that aren’t a great fit with my interests are: extensive geometric projects, photo realism, and watercolor.

My original inspirations in tattooing are American and Japanese traditional styles. The bold lines and solid colors, typical in these styles, make for a very dynamic and long lasting tattoo. The history and tradition of these styles is something I’m very honored to carry on. As the saying goes, “Bold will hold!”

I enjoy working in a wide variety of styles – bring me your ideas!  Thanks for your interest – I look forward to meeting you!

Matt tattooing

Tattoos by Matt

Coverups by Matt