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Dr. Death Gets a New Tattoo

Dr. Death is back from Bath, England and ready for a new tattoo. His newest piece is a Celtic half sleeve designed by his friend, Nathan. This piece has nicely integrated references to Dr. Death’s other tattoos, and reflects the half sleeve on his left arm beautifully. The intricate detail in Celtic work makes the […]

Evolution of a Tattoo, part 2

Another example of the evolution of a custom designed tattoo from draft to completed artwork. You’ll recognize the artwork from the blog entry dated July 4 of this year. One aspect of this piece I enjoyed working with was the texturing in the armor. While we’re quick to think of how to add color or […]

Evolution of a Tattoo

Today’s blog entry shows the evolution of a tattoo, from concept sketch to final draft and finally, the completed tattoo.  The concept sketch is a simple initial sketch which captures the flow of the arm and introduces the various design components.  The journey from concept sketch to final draft refines the design and begins to […]

Celebrating the 4th

Yesterday I had the honor of celebrating the 4th of July by spending the day tattooing an Iraq Veteran who is celebrating his first 4th back in the U.S. in two years. I tattooed him two years ago prior to his shipping out, and was relieved to hear that he has returned home safely along […]