Awen’s Booking Update 5/16/23

May 16, 2023


Thank you for your interest in my work!
I select pieces based on 3 factors that energize Creativity:
  • Concepts that peak my Creative Interest

    Northern Lights, Ely Studio April 2023

  • The Positive Energy of the Client
  • An openness to the Creative Process.

I invest a tremendous amount of time and energy in each tattoo project, focusing primarily on extensive, multi-session pieces – which is why I select pieces based on client concepts and positive energy that resonates with my artistic approach. I work with a combination of prepared concept art and freehand art, and will turn your ideas into my own artistic interpretation. I find that a rigid mindset blocks creativity; if you’re looking for an artist to replicate an existing design, to work by artistic direction – or to “squeeze” you in ahead of other clients, we’re not a good match for one another.

I handle communication personally, so due to the number of inquiries received, I’m unable to respond to all requests. If you don’t hear back from me it may be that while your piece indeed peaks my creative interest, devoting the time needed for each tattoo limits the number of new pieces I’m able to commit to each year. Submitting an inquiry does not hold a place on a wait list; if you don’t hear back from me please continue your search for the right artist. Inquiries are kept on file and I reach out to book new pieces as I complete current pieces in progress. I  live in Ely, MN and work primarily from my private home studio in Ely – a beautiful and easy four hour drive north of the Twin Cities in Superior National Forest. I travel in to work part time from our Minneapolis studio as a courtesy to increase accessibility; the timeframe for an appointment with me at our Minneapolis studio is 12 – 18 months.  Read our FAQ’s for additional information.

Please complete the appointment inquiry in detail to help me get an idea of whether the project is a good fit for both of us. And thank you again for your interest in my work!
~ Awen