Lucky 13 Cat

Every now and then I design a piece of my own that I’m in the mood to tattoo. This lucky guy snapped up the Lucky 13 Cat I posted on Friday the 13th. Stoked to have the opportunity to tattoo this original vintage throwback design!

It was a fun surprise today to find out the studio has been listed as one of the “20 Best Minneapolis Tattoo Artists”. We’re honored to be in the great company of the other studios and artists recognized!

Floral Forearm Coverup

Tattoo coverups are transformative for the client as well as the design. I was honored to recreate this piece!


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Restoring Clarity to an Old Tattoo

It was an honor to rework this piece, designed by Haida Master Artist Bill Reid. Reworking detail in an old tattoo requires time and patience, but recovering that clarity breathes life back into the tattoo. 

Rework Bill Reid Haida

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Good for the soul – a collection of scratch art by over 200 of tattooings’ leading visionaries – and signed by Awen! Good stuff. Available online and in studio!

Scratch Art Book available

GiftCards available

eGiftcards and (for those kickin’ it old school) vintage (plastic) GiftCards are available online and in-studio!

GiftCard options available

From Black and Gray to Color

The moment of transition from all black and gray tattoos to one with color. 

From Black and Gray to Color