Something fun to do at work

So, I posted this tattoo *LIVE* on Facebook as it evolved in real time on May 4.

This was a lot of fun, so be sure to check out the studio Facebook page for more live tattoos in real time.

Something fun to check in on during the work day, eh?

Today we add the Koi... in real time!
8:10 am: Remember this?… Today we add the Koi and big, bodacious COLOR! Stay tuned for pics…

Outline for Koi in Half Sleeve
11:31 am: Here we go… Koi evolving in real time…

Koi stencil for half sleeve

12:02 pm: Koi stencil... Outline to come...

Koi outline for half sleeve

12:53 pm: Koi... The outline!

Koi color, within half sleeve

1:11 pm: Koi... Color BOMB! Almost there...

Koi complete, within half sleeve

2:27 pm: Koi in (almost) real time... Complete!


Here’s a portion of an extensive Blue Whale back piece.  We’re using the bubbles bring energy, texture and depth to the expanses of ocean blue.  Bubbles rock!

A portion of an extensive Blue Whale backpiece

A portion of an extensive Blue Whale backpiece

*POOF*! The Old Tattoo is No More…

Evolution of a tattoo… and *POOF* the oldie is a goner…

Tribal Coverup

A Little Viking Action

Viking Ship

Fresh Just Yesterday

Fresh Ink… and more to come soon!  A half sleeve transitioning into a full sleeve… the splash and lotus soon to be joined by a Koi fish with more Splash and Bling!

Lotus Splash

Today at the studio

Joe’s cover up is complete!

I posted this two weeks ago.  From concept to outline… and then…

Cover up in process: Tribal Black and Red

The completion of the piece!  Here it is:

Cover up Complete: Tribal Black and Red

Today at the Studio

Where’s Waldo?

Celtic back piece blackwork

Today at the Studio

Hey Hey Hey… this is going to be one sweet cover up!  Joe wanted to keep his moon design while covering the existing bicep band.  The plan was an extensive tribal piece.  I sketched a basic concept on paper, and then we spent the first hour of his appointment customizing the design to tailor fit his arm.  What you see here is phase one… the outline of the new piece.  Stay tuned for phase two:  super sweet solid tribal fill… coming up in a couple of weeks!

Tribal Cover Up

Contemporary spin on Old School

Contemporary spin on Old School… from concept to complete.

Bluebird Banner

Evolution of a Tattoo

Sunflowers for his daughters

Evolution of a tattoo, from concept sketch to completed half sleeve.  Sunflowers were the central theme, one for each of his daughters with a glowing star for his wife.  But there were a few other considerations as well because he really wanted a half sleeve and wanted to avoid something “too” floral while having a piece flowed naturally with his arm.  I sketched the concept art (see left), using movement, flow and color to set off the sunflowers.  A few sessions later this sweet half sleeve was complete.