Fibonacci Owl

Action shot. Lovin’ on this custom Fibonacci owl! Two session in on this back piece, with the third coming up this week!

Floral Half Sleeve

Continuing work on Mandy’s colorful floral half sleeve and shoulder panel!

Map and Compass Half Sleeve

Mark stopped in to plan a nice addition and I got to see this sweet piece all healed up!

Mandala Backpiece

Completed the fill in the center of Kumiko’s mandala backpiece! One more session to tighten up the coverup portions and voilá!

Princess Leia Tribute

The Force is strong in this one! Loved the opportunity to pay homage to Princess Leia / General Leia Organa!

Geometric Owl

Completed the geometric owl chest panel today! Looking forward to adding the tail and talons grasping a snake below!

Princess Leia

Phase one of the Princess Leia piece I started last week. Looking forward to more shading, color and detail!

Geometric Owl Chest Panel

Fresh ink! Just a little owl tattoo. (HA!) Looking forward to the next session on this geometric black and gray owl chest panel!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome Dads out there! Treasure time with your kiddos and families today!