Fibonacci Owl pt 2

Fibonacci Owl backpiece… after session two. Third session coming up this week!

Fibonacci Owl

Action shot. Lovin’ on this custom Fibonacci owl! Two session in on this back piece, with the third coming up this week!


It’s been a little gray and wet here in MN. So here goes… for everyone who needs a little more sun in their life!

Mandala Backpiece

Completed the fill in the center of Kumiko’s mandala backpiece! One more session to tighten up the coverup portions and voilá!

Geometric Owl

Completed the geometric owl chest panel today! Looking forward to adding the tail and talons grasping a snake below!

Geometric Owl Chest Panel

Fresh ink! Just a little owl tattoo. (HA!) Looking forward to the next session on this geometric black and gray owl chest panel!

Colorful Geometric Half Sleeve

Finished this geometric half sleeve coverup today!

#allarewelcomehere #beawesome

Mandala Back Piece Progression

Loving the progress on this Mandala back piece coverup!