Abstract Tribute Half Sleeve

From the archives… while enjoying a few days off with family and friends.

Wishing each of you Happy Holidays, in whatever form that takes for you!

Care Bears and Bingo Balls

Loved doing this tribute tattoo featuring Care Bears and bingo balls! There’s nothing like the *POP* of bold, bright, graphic color.

Princess Leia Tribute

The Force is strong in this one! Loved the opportunity to pay homage to Princess Leia / General Leia Organa!

Prince Day June 7, 2016

Rockin’ June 7 – Prince Day in Minnesota, “…in honor of the Purple One’s enduring legacy.”
 Read more in Rolling Stone.
 Tribute tattoo in honor of Prince. All rights to Paisley Park.

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Veteran’s Day

Honoring all who have served.

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Justin’s Gift

I was honored to tattoo my friend Tammy today, a memorial tattoo to honor her son Justin. I’m a hardcore advocate for Kindness and acceptance, and I met Tammy through our involvement in addressing homophobia, transphobia and bullying, particularly with youth.
 Thanks for making this world a kinder place, Tammy.
 Check out the support organization Tammy founded to help create safe space for our youth.

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Celtic Mohican Hawk

Yesterday we completed this awesome custom Hawk tattoo, incorporating Celtic aspects from the Book of Kells and contemporary Mohican art.

A beautiful memorial tattoo. Read more here on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/artwithapoint.

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