Lucky Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! From Awen’s “Cabinet of Curious Things I’d Like to Tattoo”!

Now go forth and be awesome!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Playing hard is the balancing point to working hard – so I loved getting in some miles of winter hiking today. Spotted an Osprey, watched a Bald Eagle coasting on thermals, was amused by the antics of Ravens and savored the scent of fresh pine.


That’s a Big Octopus!

Good times today – nice progress on this black and gray octopus torso wrap! Yeeeeah!


TBT! #OnlyinMN

TBT! This week a few hundred thousand SuperBowl visitors are experiencing the awesome MN has to offer. This super fun tribute tattoo highlights a few of the places and things that make Minnesota home. (Okay – who wants to do one for Minneapolis?! Let’s do it!)



Phoenix Bluebird Panel

From the archives – This colorful Phoenix and Bluebird demonstrates the dynamic effect of working with the flow of the body to breathe life into the tattoo.

#allarewelcomehere #beawesome

TBT Fox Tattoo

TBT! Still loving on the dynamic fit and flow of this Fox and owl Half Sleeve.