Here’s a fun tattoo in progress… Two pals always at her side. Looking forward to adding the finishing touches!

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Cloud Cult inspiration

Love this project! Original painting by Connie Minowa of Cloud Cult!

And you can check out this fresh ink by checking out the band “Battery Boy” (with Shannon Frid, violinist for Cloud Cult) at their CD release party on Saturday, 6/21 at 10:30pm at the Icehouse!
$8, 21+


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Portrait as Cover Up

“Ollie” came back for a photo, now that he’s all healed up. Nice to see that the portrait served well to cover the old tattoo!

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Photo realism

The wonder duo of a cover up *and* a photo realistic portrait! That’s something you don’t see every day. Part 1 of 2… Next time, color!

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the Last Tattoo of 2009

we're not horsing around here...

Here it is… drum roll please… the last tattoo of 2009… freshly inked!  And a coverup too… complete evolution of pics to be posted soon.  (Postscript… the completed photos of this cover up are posted in the 1.28.10 blog.)

Hey everybody, have a safe and happy New Year!  See you in 2010…

Today’s Tattoo

WZCelticI always get excited about having the opportunity to tattoo a portrait. It’s a style of tattooing that isn’t often requested, is extremely challenging, and incredibly distinctive. When tattooing a portrait, it’s important to have multiple clear photos to work from in order to most accurately render the subject. However, as you’ll see here, even when working from one photo an accurate photo realistic representation is possible.