Contemporary spin on Old School

Contemporary spin on Old School… from concept to complete.

Bluebird Banner

One Cool Cat

Egyptian Bast

Paying homage to Bast, egyptian feline deity.  (Those of us with feline friends understand its best to pay homage regularly, right?)

Props to Old School

Without old school, there would be no new school… so hey, props to classic old school!Vintage Tattoo

Today’s Tattoo

Great Blue Heron … Today’s tattoo, an example of how size grants you room for intricate detail, not only on line work but also in color and shading.  And also a reminder of warm days to come when these majestic birds settle in the wild shore grasses of Minnesota, warming in the sun… niiiice.

From the Photo Archives

Bluebird and Autumn LeavesHere’s a fun pic of a colorful piece from my archives!  Old school (not in the fun way) tattoo artists insist that tattoos require a heavy black outline.  “Not true” I say!  While the black outline does serve a meaningful purpose in some designs, there are situations in which the black is unnecessary.  When we look at objects in life, the only time we see a black edge is when the subject is in shadow.  When an item is illuminated we see color.  So, when we render a subject as a tattoo it rocks to go all the way and render it in full living color!