Ornamental Sleeve Panel

Completed this ornamental , geometric floral sleeve panel yesterday! WTG Allie!

Celtic Wave Panel

Solid start on this Celtic half sleeve, pec and (soon to be) back panel! Mixing in several elements including knot work, triple spiral, waves, and anchor with a 3D stonework texture to come. Boom! All kinds of fun!

Octopus Tattoo

Finished this extensive octopus! Thank you @gingebromide for the opportunity to create this fantastic piece!

Organic Triskele

TBT! An organic spin on the traditional Celtic Triskele!

Octopus Update

Current progress on the Torso Octopus!

#octopustattoo #octopusareawesome #allarewelcomehere

Colorful Geometric Half Sleeve

Finished this geometric half sleeve coverup today!

#allarewelcomehere #beawesome