Lucky Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! From Awen’s “Cabinet of Curious Things I’d Like to Tattoo”!

Now go forth and be awesome!

Sailor Jerry Eagle

A sizable tribute to Sailor Jerry! Go big or go home! Gotta love the clean, bold style of vintage tattoos.


#sailorjerry #allarewelcomehere

Lucky 13 Cat

Every now and then I design a piece of my own that I’m in the mood to tattoo. This lucky guy snapped up the Lucky 13 Cat I posted on Friday the 13th. Stoked to have the opportunity to tattoo this original vintage throwback design!

Friday the 13th

Happy Lucky Friday the 13th! I’ve been binge watching cheesy horror flicks after work this week – here’s a fun quick @fridaythe13thtattoo to celebrate the lucky day!………….

4 All Wonder Women

For the Wonder Women everywhere. 

Wonder Woman

And my speakeasy neighbor comes above ground for one shining moment!
 Check out the article in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune!
 “Volstead’s Emporium opened late last year in Minneapolis with no promotion, website or social media listing of its Lyn-Lake area address. Emblematic of the Prohibition era, guests must navigate a dark alley until they stumble upon a door with an eye-level slot, leading to the subterranean sanctuary of red velvet and chandeliers.”

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Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention

Awesome to see tattoo history represented at the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention! This memorabilia from the collection at the Tattoo-Piercing Museum in Somerset, PA.
 I took a class in Tattoo Machine Building from Lyle Tuttle years ago. Top pic shows pieces of Lyle’s from the collection.

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Lace Garters

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about lace tattoos, which are hot! Here’s a link with some really nice examples of lace garters.
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I <3 this Tattoo

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