Eagle Flight

Eaglets taking flight

Eaglets taking flight

Two weeks in the north woods does spirit, body and mind good. I felt blessed by an ongoing presence of Bald Eagles around me this trip, having the opportunity to observe parents encouraging their young to practice flight skills. I sat in the canoe for nearly an hour watching take offs and landings over… and over… and over.

Another particularly awe inspiring moment was experiencing one of the adult eagles soar low overhead, circle around, and then slowly and gracefully swoop down to forage a dead Walleye from the water surface not twenty feet from my canoe. What a humbling experience. Thank you, Eagle.

I always look forward to time spent in the north woods as time for unwinding and gaining a fresh perspective on whatever aspects of life are at hand. It is an added gift then, to experience wildlife so personally and then return to the studio and apply that energy and experience to a piece of art.

On Wednesday of this week I began a half sleeve of a Phoenix rising from the flames (which was an interesting experience since there was a tornado going on outside… at the time we didn’t know…). Creating this extensive Phoenix piece with the Eagles and the elements so immediate in my mind was inspiring. I look forward to finishing the piece. I’ll post photos soon. In the meantime, enjoy the Eagles.