FootprintsWhen I complete a tattoo and it walks out the door on the person wearing it, I am constantly aware that whether I ever see the artwork again remains to be seen.  Tattooing is an artistic medium unique from any other in that these images are living, breathing, moving pieces of that live life in every moment with us. With that in mind, it was great fun to revisit a tattoo I completed a year ago on a mother celebrating the first birthday of her first child.  At that time she brought with her the original of her newborn daughter’s footprints which we reproduced in their actual size and with realistic detail, as a permanent memento of the imprint becoming a mother has made on her life and a tribute to the journey they share.

It was great fun to revisit this tattoo a year later when she stopped in with her daughter to drop off this beautiful portrait taken on her daughters second birthday, to see that the tattoo is looking just as realistic and detailed as it did a year ago… and of course, to pass happy wishes on to the birthday girl.  (By the way, props to photographer Jessica Wilson at Kiddie Kandids in the Bloomington, MN Babies R Us for the great photo.)

Next week I’ll begin a three week series highlighting cover up work… you know… changing that old, tired, outdated (or just really unfortunate) tattoo into something that you are once again in love with.  Cool stuff.  Check it out.