Saving on Your New Ink

Tattooed folks appreciate choosing a new tattoo over an awesomacious trip, tickets to a sweeeet concert or the newest electronic doo dad.  Tattoos last forever and serve as a grounding reminder of what’s important to us.Victorian Goodness

The fact remains that lots of people are feeling the financial pinch right now.  The current economic situation is challenging, causing us to reconsider spending on ourselves.  And yet, treating yourself provides a well earned respite from the daily grind of life… like a cheer up turbo.  It’s true that tattoos can be expensive, however there are ways you can save on your new ink:


Winter months tend to be the slowest in tattoo studios.  While it’s not proper to haggle with the artist over the cost for their time and expertise, keep a close watch on Blogs, Social Networking and eZine mailings announcing specials offered through the colder months.  Art With a Point has a special offer coming up next week – watch for it!


Creating the tattoo is an artistic process – one that begins with your ideas.  The more clear you are about what you want, the easier your idea is to bring to life.  Collect images or items that can help you to describe your ideas.  Google Images is a smokin’ free resource!

From Concept to CompletionMake use of the Consultation

Art With a Point is unique in that it’s one of the only studios providing you the opportunity to speak directly with your artist prior to your tattoo.  I offer complimentary consultations, so hey – why not take advantage of them!  Get your questions answered and collaborate with me to hone in on the details of your design so that you can rest easy knowing your tattoo is an authentic reflection of your ideas.

Take it in steps

Patience is a virtue… blah blah blah.  Hey, I hear you.  It’s hard to be patient waiting for new ink.  And while small tattoos are easily completed in one sitting, when it comes to budgeting there’s something to be said for working on a medium or larger sized tattoo in a couple of (or more) sittings.  This shortens each appointment time, spreading out the cost.  And hey, in the meantime your new ink is tangibly with you rather than but a mere concept.

So, when the craving for new ink keeps you awake at night Google your ideas and email me the goods that you find.  Schedule a complimentary basic consultation to get the ball rolling.  From there we’ll create a plan to bring your tattoo to life in a way that works for you.