Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention 2016

It’s back! This weekend the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention hits town!

Watch Twin Cities tattoo artists at work as well as artists from Ink Master, Best Ink and Tattoos After Dark, generate ideas for your own art, and check out entertainment including burlesque, the Enigma and suspension!

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Stained Glass coverup

I love a good coverup – and what makes a for solid coverup is a client knows what they want their new tattoo to be, and who’s open to the creative process and flexible in how we get there.
 This is a fantastic example of having a solid design idea to begin with –
 a stained glass inspired Cicada – and then flexibility in size, detail, color, texture and flow to let the new tattoo take on a life of its own. LOVE this piece!

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Family Crest half sleeve

Wishing this guy the best of luck at the Masters World Heavy Games Championships! No doubt this family crest will bring him strength and fortitude as he tosses the caber, stone and hammer!

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Nordic Geometric Half Sleeve

A geometric custom half sleeve inspired by several traditional tattooing styles! Stay tuned for the final product!

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Tattoo Techneedlgy

Brand spankin’ new machines! So far they do everything but make espresso. (Maybe they do that too. Haven’t tried it.) New tools are the best!
 Also. They’re quiet.

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Best. Tattoo. Ever.

This is one of my all time favorite tattoos! Pony Bunyan and Babe! There’s nothing more awesome than a whimsical sense of humor, and a tattoo concept customized to reflect the wearer.
 Pony Bunyan was originally done at the Safe Schools for ALL Youth fundraiser that I held. Several tattoo shops around the country did similar events. In this context, those of us sporting the MLP tattoos are doing so in solidarity with youth facing adversity based on who they are or what they like.
 We say, be yourself!

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So many possibilities

So many possibilities when starting the day at Art Materials – WOOHOOO! And check out out this fabulous tattoo coloring book! Bought one for my kiddo (and one for me too!).

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Watercolor Cherry Blossoms

This watercolor cherry blossom and wave piece was a blast! A style that I’m seeing more and more people seek in their tattoos, translating the style and feel of a painting into the medium of tattooing. In this piece I love the juxtaposition of straight up color with black and gray.

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SUN to warm a Minneapolis morning!

SUN to warm a frozen Minneapolis morning! A fantastic example of a custom tattoo design utilizing the impact of color without the use of black!

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