Geometric Mandela Snowflake

So this was fun today at the tattoo studio! A custom geometric snowflake Mandela – and her first tattoo! The black line work and grey shading really compliment one another to set off the detail in this custom piece.

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Fresh ink!

Fresh ink! We finished this black and gray half sleeve today! Silhouetted forest… Abstract water… Texture of prairie grasses… All representing various geographies, including right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Awesome tattoo!

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Expand on the Old

Here we expanded on an old tattoo by adding a custom black Celtic / Nordic mashup chest and shoulder panel!

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Custom Hamsa Tattoo

My friend Ali’s custom black and gray Hamsa tattoo has a fantastic mix of texture, shading, and detail. Bigger is better when it comes to tattoos, because I can incorporate more when I have more space to work with!

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Lichtenstein! Fun with bold, primary colors and solid, crisp line work!

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Cover Up tips

Here’s a nice coverup from today! While I prefer to avoid relying on black and gray to cover color, this design lent itself well for several reasons:

1. Size large – bigger always covers better than smaller.
2. Detail – serves well to distract from the underlying tattoo.
3. Shading and texture – the black shadows and textures provide ways to camoflage existing lines and color.
4. Flexibility – with coverups it’s always helpful to be willing to have some flexibility with everything from detail to size and position.

If you have questions about coverups, email me.

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Design Time

Enjoying some drawing time today between clients with coffee and tunes! This piece will be an extensive panel. A geometric custom tattoo that will start with a half sleeve and then wrap up over the shoulder and transition into a pectoral panel. Stay tuned for more photos!

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Sweet Peas

Fresh pea pods! Originally based off of a woodcut design of a single pea pod, we customized this tattoo to represent a number of life passages. And added some greens to give the woodcut style vibrancy.

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Armor Thigh Panel

So this was today! A great start on a full thigh panel of custom armor. Oh. And a coverup! Looking forward to finishing this in a couple of weeks!

Also, I added a few new photos to the gallery. Check them out here:

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Balancing Ravens

A Raven for each arm! Balancing the inner biceps with two black work Nordic forearm tattoos we did a couple of years ago. One day long sitting, and he went home with two awesome Ravens!

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