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Cohesive Cover Up

For this custom tattoo piece we kept a few original components while doing a coverup on others. Nice flow and bold colors makes for a solidly cohesive reworked calf tattoo sleeve! Good times!
 Tattoos evolve with us!

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Coverups to Cohesive

Fresh ink from yesterday at Art With a Point! This is the newest addition to a full tattoo sleeve in progress. We’re incorporating several coverups and additions to bring various design elements together as one cohesive sleeve. Good times!

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Cover Up that Old Tattoo

Wondering what to do with that old tattoo that you never want to show? How about a brand spanking new custom cover up you can show off and feel proud of!
 Email Awen with questions or to schedule a consult.

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Cover Up tips

Here’s a nice coverup from today! While I prefer to avoid relying on black and gray to cover color, this design lent itself well for several reasons:

1. Size large – bigger always covers better than smaller.
2. Detail – serves well to distract from the underlying tattoo.
3. Shading and texture – the black shadows and textures provide ways to camoflage existing lines and color.
4. Flexibility – with coverups it’s always helpful to be willing to have some flexibility with everything from detail to size and position.

If you have questions about coverups, email me.

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Armor Thigh Panel

So this was today! A great start on a full thigh panel of custom armor. Oh. And a coverup! Looking forward to finishing this in a couple of weeks!

Also, I added a few new photos to the gallery. Check them out here:


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Yggdrasil in Iceland

Auja’s newest tattoo is ready to travel back to Iceland! I’m loving the way the Northern Lights postcard turned out. A beautiful representation of the Yggdrasil. Gotta love a custom tattoo – plus it’s a coverup!

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Get a Cover Up

Awesome cover up today – good times! I maintain that the best way to get rid of an old tattoo is to cover it with a new custom tattoo. Something you choose that you’re proud to wear.
 Laser removal is not necessary – a tattoo cover up is more successful, doesn’t scar, is less expensive and can often be completed in just a session or two. Check out more cover ups here:

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From skeleton to swallow

Completion of a coverup – from skeleton to custom swallow and roses! Color, texture and movement go a long way to a successful tattoo!

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Skull texture

In progress… The texture in this skull, cross bones and rosary works well to cover the old black tribal tattoo beneath. Next time we’ll add color highlights to provide contrast and – SNAP, cover up!

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Black Lace Wrap

The newest phase of completion on the custom black lace wrap! Both quarter sleeves and chest panels are complete (including two coverups!). Now for the back panel to complete the extensive tattoo!

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