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Renewing the old tattoo

A great example of reworking an older tattoo to restore clarity and detail!


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Full sleeve fantasy tree

Here’s a teaser from the full sleeve I’m doing on my buddy, Eric! A fantasy style tree populated by a variety of passageways, clocks and creatures.


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Pro Tip: Tattoo Cover Ups

Pro Tip for covering up an old tattoo: Go for what you really want rather than settling for less than something that will rock your world. The last thing you want to do is trade in one tattoo you feel lukewarm about for another tattoo you feel lukewarm about, right? Exactly. So, my first question to someone interested in a tattoo cover up is, “If you were getting a brand new, fresh custom tattoo… and the sky is the limit… what would your tattoo be?” People are usually surprised by this question because the general perception seems to be that successfully covering up a tattoo is an almost impossible task. And as it turns out, it’s absolutely possible. And successful. Fun even. In fact… cover ups are one of my favorite things to do!
 In my book, there are a couple of hard and fast rules for cover ups. First, we’ll need to go a little larger with the new tattoo in order to fully encompass the old tattoo within the new tattoo while having a little room to spare. Does this mean you’ll have to get an enormous back piece just to get a cover up? No. (Well, unless you’re covering an enormous tattoo, then probably.) But if you’re covering an average to small sized tattoo like the gecko in this series of photos, you won’t even need to go as big as Ashley did. (She liked the design so much that when we stenciled it on she decided to go bigger, so we enlarged it another 30%! As the old tattoo saying goes, “Go big or go home!”)
 Secondly, flexibility with color and shading is key since that’s how we’ll go about camouflaging the old tattoo within the new tattoo for a seamless cover up. Using color and shading to in essence “camouflage” the old tattoo adds depth, contrast, and even texture to the new tattoo design – all of which make the new tattoo “pop” and the old tattoo fall away into the past.
 When taking these two things into account, we can now think outside of the box in terms of design and create something distinctive that represents you now, rather than the you from back then. There’s no reason to be stuck with a *meh* tattoo when you could have a beautiful, custom tattoo that you feel awesome wearing!
 Check out more cover ups here!

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Lace wrap

Fresh ink! Check it out… Jamie’s lace wrap. And it’s a coverup too… Yessiree!

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Owl cover that old tattoo!

From the archives… A fantastically fun cover up! Owl happily cover those Beatles!

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Anchors Away!

I love it when an artist tells someone that a coverup just can’t be done. Because… Oh Yes It Can! Boom.

Phase one of Nick’s new back piece!

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Tattooing in reverse

Hey now, this was fun!

Tattooing in reverse, in a way. The original was about fifteen years old and super tight on detail. The lines closed together and the tattoo fuzzed out.

Today was phase one of bringing it back to life!

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Beatles Cover

This was One. Fun. Cover Up.

There’s nothing like seeing someone walk out of the studio stoked about a tattoo that they didn’t even want to look at before. Right on!

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Smokin’ Chili Peppers

Red hot smokin’ FRESH INK! From concept to completion… I love a good cover up!

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Celtic Lettering Panel Pt 1

A solid start on this extensive Celtic piece. Black fill soon to come!

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