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3/4 Elegant Black Sleeve

How we stay warm in Minneapolis on a cold, winters day – feel the burn! Check out this black geometric linework 3/4 sleeve!

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3/4 Elegant Blackwork Sleeve

Custom stencil and freehand – getting set up for this afternoon’s black geometric linework 3/4 sleeve. Stay tuned for photos of today’s progress!

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Black and Gray Coverup

Here’s a fresh spankin’ new custom coverup done in black and gray! Successful cover ups are all about flexibility with size, detail, textures and color. All of these elements work together to blend the old tattoo into the new tattoo. While color is typically necessary to nail a solid coverup, in this design the size, detail and texture came together beautifully to complete this black and gray geometric Mandala.

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75th Birthday First Tattoo!

What an awesome morning! A first tattoo, on a chaplain, celebrating her 75th birthday. And she rocked it!

One of the best things about tattooing is the wide variety of fantastic people I get to meet and work with every day!


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St. Michael

Fresh Ink! Had a great time tattooing this black and grey forearm panel of the Archangel Michael today.
 I elaborated on this classic image with detail including clouds, smoke and texture. Gotta love a custom tattoo designed uniquely for the client. That’s how we roll!

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Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention 2016

It’s back! This weekend the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention hits town!

Watch Twin Cities tattoo artists at work as well as artists from Ink Master, Best Ink and Tattoos After Dark, generate ideas for your own art, and check out entertainment including burlesque, the Enigma and suspension!

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Geometric Dragon Half Sleeve

Phase one of a custom, geometric, black and gray, dragon half sleeve!

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Custom Family Crest

Phase one of a custom half sleeve. A unique twist on a family crest!

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Renew Your Old Tattoo

I just finished reworking this old tattoo… And I’ll go with the sentiment.
 Have a good night everyone!

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Pig on a Bike Coverup

Tattoos are a commitment, and they’re only as permanent as the passing times in our lives.
 Coverups are a way for tattoos to change and grow with us!
 When considering a coverup, I recommend temporarily forgetting it’s a coverup. Think of two or three ideas that you’d love to have if you were getting a brand spankin’ new tattoo. Email me with questions or to set up a consult and we’ll discuss and plan the piece. Once we have the concept in place, the key to a quality coverup is flexibility in size, detail, texture and color – these allow us to transition the old into the new!

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