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Sunflower Half Sleeve

Solid start on this sunflower half sleeve! From sketch to tattoo, breaking out with texture, flow and color. And WHAT, this is his first tattoo. As the saying goes, “Go big or go home!”

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Armour Full Sleeve

The Fun-O-Meter needle is topping out on this one!
 I spent the day in blacksmith mode, customizing this full sleeve of armour. I drew most of the design directly on his arm in order to maximize fit and flow within the design. Looking forward to phase two when we complete the coverup, add the chainmail and incorporate shading to provide texture and dimension.

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Cohesive Cover Up

For this custom tattoo piece we kept a few original components while doing a coverup on others. Nice flow and bold colors makes for a solidly cohesive reworked calf tattoo sleeve! Good times!
 Tattoos evolve with us!

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Fresh ink!

Fresh ink! We finished this black and gray half sleeve today! Silhouetted forest… Abstract water… Texture of prairie grasses… All representing various geographies, including right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Awesome tattoo!

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Polynesian Influence

Riley traveled in to the Twin Cities from Rhode Island for this newest custom addition to his black Polynesian inspired half sleeve!

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New spin on Cherry Blossoms

Here’s an extensive, custom piece recently completed! Butterflies add a new spin to the cherry blossom tattoo, enriched by nice textures, shadows and bold color. A nice way to warm up Minneapolis in the middle of winter! Good times!

Check out more custom tattoos by Awen!

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Wonder Woman

BAM! Wonder Woman is ready to take on the world! Way to sit like a pro for this detailed, full color extensive panel, Jess!


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Extensive Geometric First Tattoo

Check out this first tattoo! Yes, you heard that right. His first tattoo.
 This custom tattoo half sleeve was developed to fit and flow with the specific placement Josh requested. The detail and geometry within the tattoo were based on several reference images he provided that contained specific patterns he wanted to incorporate.
 And here’s the piece at the end of the first appointment. One more sitting to go!

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Design Time

Enjoying some drawing time today between clients with coffee and tunes! This piece will be an extensive panel. A geometric custom tattoo that will start with a half sleeve and then wrap up over the shoulder and transition into a pectoral panel. Stay tuned for more photos!

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Armor Thigh Panel

So this was today! A great start on a full thigh panel of custom armor. Oh. And a coverup! Looking forward to finishing this in a couple of weeks!

Also, I added a few new photos to the gallery. Check them out here:


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