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Ice Dragon in Uptown

Look what emerged at Lake Calhoun just up the street from Art With a Point! Gotta love Uptown, Minneapolis where giant custom dragons come alive! Props to the ice artists from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts!

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New spin on Cherry Blossoms

Here’s an extensive, custom piece recently completed! Butterflies add a new spin to the cherry blossom tattoo, enriched by nice textures, shadows and bold color. A nice way to warm up Minneapolis in the middle of winter! Good times!

Check out more custom tattoos by Awen!

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The Fox and the Owl

Happy Monday! From the archives – this dynamic custom tattoo half sleeve. Created in collaboration with the wearer this piece moves and flows beautifully with the body. Awesomesauce.

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Black silhouette

Fresh ink! Just finished Scott’s new tattoo! Gotta love the striking silhouette, a dynamic use of black work in the medium of tattooing. Simple and beautiful.

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Tahitian Half Sleeve

Riley traveled from Rhode Island to Minneapolis to add on to the Tahitian tattoo we started last year. His tattoo design is a twelve year timeline telling the narrative of his life. This is what custom tattoos are all about – the narratives of our lives. Great work, Riley! And fabulous to see you, as always.

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Tattoo Arts Convention Pt 1

Holy Guacamole! I lost a week somewhere! Maybe it was brain freeze during the polar vortex, or maybe it was the winter break that would never end (parents, I know you hear me)… But HEY, the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention begins TOMORROW! Check out the details here!

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So many possibilities

So many possibilities when starting the day at Art Materials – WOOHOOO! And check out out this fabulous tattoo coloring book! Bought one for my kiddo (and one for me too!).

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Watercolor Cherry Blossoms

This watercolor cherry blossom and wave piece was a blast! A style that I’m seeing more and more people seek in their tattoos, translating the style and feel of a painting into the medium of tattooing. In this piece I love the juxtaposition of straight up color with black and gray.

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SUN to warm a Minneapolis morning!

SUN to warm a frozen Minneapolis morning! A fantastic example of a custom tattoo design utilizing the impact of color without the use of black!

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