Transformation of a Tattoo, part 2

Sunflower Cover UpIf tattoos are permanent, how can we transform them into something else?  Such is the craftsmanship of a quality tattoo cover up, a transformative process that weaves the previous tattoo into the greater tapestry of the new design.

Cover ups offer many options ranging from the ability to cover an existing tattoo with an entirely new tattoo, to breathing life into the old tattoo by reworking lines and color.  Cover ups also facilitate consistency by preserving elements of an existing tattoo while smoothly integrating the old with the new in an expanding, extensive piece.

The previous tattoo will always remain with us, a bookmark from years past woven invisibly into the updated expression of who we are and where we are at present.

Stay tuned for part three; in the meantime forward this message to a friend and then meet up and share your own stories, ideas or questions about cover ups on the Art With a Point FaceBook page.