Transformation of a Tattoo, part 3

GrafCoverUpOnce you’re ready to transform that old tattoo, trying to come up with a new idea that you know will work over the old can be mind bending. Begin by coming up with three ideas you’d like for a brand spanking new tattoo, then schedule a design consultation and we’ll sit down and talk tattoos. Chances are, at least one of your three ideas will work as a cover up. During your consultation we’ll zoom in on which idea to focus on, how we’ll go about integrating the old with the new, and we’ll schedule your appointment for the cover up to take place.

Nothing is permanent. Life changes and so do we. Will the tattoos I have when I’m eighty be the same tattoos I have now? Not a chance… I’ve already covered or transformed several of my first tattoos into new designs that better reflect where I am now on my journey.