Transformation of the Tattoo, part 1

Goddess Cover upHey, life changes and with it, so do we.  Maybe a tattoo becomes outdated due to a relationship coming to and end.  Or due to the way we come to know ourselves more authentically.  Maybe the tattoo was just poorly done in the first place and could be nicer, or maybe it was damaged in an injury.  Sometimes we just want something else in that location on the body and would like to use the space for the new art. Cover-ups are one of my favorite aspects of tattooing.  Body image is a precarious perception and a tattoo can help heal or deepen our feelings about ourselves.  When someone walks out of my studio with a new tattoo they love, it’s a beautiful thing. And when that new tattoo replaces a lamented tattoo, the experience can be transformative.This is part one of a three-part series in which we’re talking cover-ups.  Check back next week for part two… and in the meantime, share your own stories or questions about cover ups on my FaceBook page!