Whale Migration

Yes, it’s that time of year.  Whales are beginning to migrate as you read this… okay, not here in Minnesota where it’s currently -1º and we have no ocean shores, but in far off balmy climates where the ocean waves are rolling and the sun feels hot to your skin.  (Let’s pause a minute and enjoy that thought…………) Wait!  Here’s a photo of this week’s tattoo to help transport you there:

Blue Whale

If I could edit time like LA Ink edits their footage, this back piece could be completed in one one hour show… I bet Michael would appreciate that.  Oh well, one more reminder that life is not reality tv.  This is the most recent installation of this work in progress.  While the whale and her watery digs are the focal point, I’m working with the existing Newgrange spirals above and Celtic knot work below in order to create a smoothly flowing piece.